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The new cushion collection is here!

I've been working over the last few months on this brand new cushion collection and I couldn't be more excited to show you! Since moving house I've been desperate to add more colour into my home and so a new colourful collection of knitted cushions seemed just the thing to create ready for my newly painted rooms.

First of all I always create some mood boards to show what I'm loving at the moment, and then I work from there. Whether it's on an actual board, printed from my computer or on Pinterest I'm always collecting new imagery that inspires me. Usually once I have lots of images and colour charts in front of me a theme generally starts to appear. This year there were two clear themes that I wanted to pursue further. One was multi coloured brights and one was tonal greys, teal and ochre. All of which had an underlying theme of the seaside (of course!)

I always work with colours I love and everything I make I make because I love it and want it in my home. And this year was no exception! In total I've created 4 different cushions. One for very different moods but all as gorgeous as each other. You can mix and match them together too which I love.

Do take a look at my website for the full collection and details on each cushion. I can't wait to hear what you think!


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