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What steps we are taking to keep you safe. Update on COVID19

As everyone around the country right now I am continuously updating myself on the social distancing rules in place for all of our safty and I want to make sure that you know I am taking this very seriously. I just wanted to let you know how I am tackling working whilst adhering to the social distancing rules, which I have been doing now for the past 10 days. I work from home anyway and make everything from home in one of our spare bedrooms so I am able to self isolate whilst I knit and process your orders. I am the only one who works within my business and therefore there is no other human contact whilst working. In regards to posting your orders I am now using couriers where possible to deliver your goods, this means that your parcels can be left in a safe place outside my house for the courier to collect without us coming into contact. If I am unable to use the courier the other service I am working with is the Royal Mail where we are using our small local post office who are keeping to the rules by only allowing one person in the shop at a time and no queuing.

As the government updates us on COVOID19 I will continue to update my working practices and I will keep you in the loop on here on my blog.

If you do have any questions regarding how we are operating then please do get in touch.

Thank you so much and stay safe.



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