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My top tips on how to wear colour.

This week as the Summer is in full flow I thought it only appropriate to talk about colour and how I like to mix and match my colours together. Summer is a brilliant time to start playing around with colour and this year the shops have been full to the brim with a variety of rainbow hues.

Before now I didn't have the confidence to wear loads of colour together, it really did't come easy to me, in fact I have so much black in my wardrobe you'd think I worked at an office! I've been known to stick to greys, whites and blacks and then add accents of colour on top, which is how my colourful accessories brand was born. So one day I thought you know what I just need to experiment more with it.

So recently in my Instagram feed I've started to play around more with colour and I've been loving being more free with it. I don't know if it's because there's more colour around at the moment or if it's because I'm getting older and a bit more daring but I've definitely been enjoying it so much more than I have before.

I've been styling my knitted accessories for so long with jeans and a tee (still a great way to wear our cardigans btw.) But I wanted to be a bit more free and show that you can wear so much more colour with my knitwear if you want to. Layering my clashing knits together and adding colour blocking outfits has been so much fun. Lots of people always tell me how scared they are of wearing colour so I thought I'd write down my top tips for wearing colour and share what I've learnt along the way.

So here are my 5 tips for wearing colour. To be honest I think the more free you are with it the better but if you're feeling a bit scared here are my go to tips.

1. Choose colours that you love.

It might sound obvious but I have a lot of customers who proclaim they "can't wear mustard" or "blue drains me" and although I think it's a personal opinion (I think everyone should wear mustard!) I think you have to be 100% happy with wearing the colour of choice otherwise you'll just feel uncomfortable. So don't wear anything you don't love. My absolute faves are orange, yellow, coral and green. The funny thing is once I started to wear more colour I've found that I'm wearing colours I never thought I even liked. I love wearing pink for instance which I have never worn before. So start of with your faves and then experiment when you're a bit more confident!

2. Three is the magic number!

When colour blocking I always start with around three colours within my outfit. And then add matching colour, patterns and textures on top of that, always going back to your three core colour choices.

3. Wear one neautral piece of clothing.

If you notice, in my Instagram pics and even on my website I will always wear at least one piece of clothing that is white, black or grey. It will usually be a white tee or shirt. I then layer colour after this, it's good to start with a blank canvas.

4. Don't be afraid to get it wrong.

My goodness the amount of times I have turned to my husband and asked "do I look a bit odd?" Honestly it happens all the time! Bless him usually the answer is no, but there have been times when I've had to go back and change believe me! But you know what? That's fine, it's better to push ourselves and get things wrong than stay safe all the time.

5. Have fun!!

The most important one of all! It's all about having fun, daring to go a bit further and just enjoying fashion. Don't be scared, just go for it and start buying more colour when you go shopping. Internet shopping is a great place to start as you can try on lots of pieces all together in the comfort of your own home before deciding if it's right for you or not.

I hope you find that helpful and do share photos with me of your colourful outfits, I'd love to see! If you fancy having a look at my outfits I share you can follow me on Instagram here.

Wishing you all a colourful weekend folks, love Gabrielle x


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