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Machine knitting 101.

Updated: May 16, 2019

Did you know that each piece of knitwear is made in my studio in Sussex on one of my vintage knitting machines? This week I thought I'd show you behind the scenes of how we create our knits here at GV HQ. All of our knitwear is made on one of my hand powered knitting machines, each machine has a row of tiny needles which I cast on by hand. Once all of the stitches have been cast on I have a handy motor that attaches to the machine and knits the basic stitches for me. The main part of the process for me is casting on and casting off which takes the longest, I also have to manually change the yarn colour and program the machine when I want it to knit a different pattern.

Once the panels are knitted I then set to work ironing them and sewing in the ends of the wool so they don't unravel. Once they have been washed I sew them into the finished garments. Even though I have my amazing machines to create that extra fine knit it's still quite an intense process that you have to do by hand.

I've created this little video to show you how it works, here I'm knitting up a panel in fast forward, if only it was that quick in real life!


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