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Handmade Fair - my edit.

I've just got back from exhibiting at Kirstie Allsopp's The Handmade Fair so this week I thought I'd share all the amazing new brands that I found whilst there. It's always such a great show to do and the stands are always beautiful, lots of unique handmade brands that care a lot about what they do. It's such a great chance to meet some lovely fellow business owners, I've pretty much lost my voice from chatting to so many people! I even got to meet Kirstie herself!

This year I loved my stand, I didn't plan it this time and just took everything along and arranged it when I got there, which seemed to work really well, my mum suggested having the two smaller rails on the open end and I found a lot more people tried things on because of it which was great! I even did a little decorating with some bright paper decs which is definitely going to happen on my spirit stand in a few weeks! The more colour the better I say!!

So because I was chatting away so much throughout the whole show I had very little time to shop myself! I bought two things in total (totally restrained!)

The first one I bought was from the stand right across from me Massagical. The lovely Jess was manning the stand all weekend and owns the brand Myla and Oscar, do check them out as although I didn't get to see her products her Instagram is just gorgeous. On her recommendation I purchased Massagical's body scrub and butter, soap bar and lip balm. Everything is handmade in Suffolk using natural oils and locally foraged elderflower. Everything is natural and chemical free and isn't tested on animals. I have since slathered myself in their exfoliator and body butter daily and it just smells devine. It really is amazing stuff and I will be buying again for sure.

The next thing I couldn't resist as I whizzed past her stand was this saki set from O Pottery they don't have a website so I have linked her Instagram page for you to see all the gorgeous pottery. I'm going to use my set as a salt and pepper holder and olive oil bottle as I just love having it on my kitchen table the whole time!

When working at a show you need the best neighbours and along with Massigical was the fab Jane Means who is the absolute queen of gift wrapping. She was selling her very beautiful gift wrap and ribbons next to me, inspiring me to make my pressies into gorgeous pieces of art this year. Do take a look at her gorgeous website full of yummy ways to wrap your gifts this Christmas!

The other two brands that I found that I absolutely loved were Prior Made and Kathryn Croxson, full of bold colour and beautiful design they were right up my street!

Let me introduce you to the gorgeous designs of Prior Made, Beck Prior the artist behind these amazing designs creates lighting and plant pots amongst other things. Have a look at her online shop, her stand was just as yummy, full of colour and creativity. I've got my eye on a few pieces to add to my Christmas wish list that's for sure!

I also found fellow textile designer Kathryn Croxson, her prints and colours were scrummy and her handmade colourful dressing gowns particularly caught my eye! Just look at those colour combinations! Delicious!

So in an extremely short space of time, running around the shopping village whilst trying to grab a coffee/ sandwich/ have a loo break I managed to find these gems, if only I'd had more time I'm sure I would have found more! So worth a visit next year if you can, I couldn't recommend it enough!

Until next year, The Handmade Fair!


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