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Caring for your knitwear



To make sure your knitwear lasts for many years to come you have to look after your knits carefully. 




All of my products are made with 100% lambswool.

Dry clean to ensure best results.


Hand wash- Wash in a bowl of warm water using a small amount of wool detergent, rinse in cold water and dry flat.

Machine wash- As our products are pure wool we don't advise you to wash your knits in a washing machine. Some machines have a wool wash to ensure your wools don't shrink but please use this with caution. Some knits may still shrink. 

Iron- A hot steam iron is recommended.


Make sure you use a knit comb on your wears regularly to make sure the knit doesn't pill. 




For the cotton shrugs wash in a 30 degree machine wash. Do not ring out and dry flat. 


Dry clean.


Hand wash- Hand wash in warm soapy water, dry flat.


Iron- A hot steam iron is recommended.


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